How It Works

Road Commander’s Guide to
Quick, Easy, and Safe Car-Shipping

Your car is your baby. It goes where you go, and we make it as convenient as possible for you to get it there. Here is how Road Commander Auto Transportation works in three easy steps:

1) Book Your Reservation

Once you book your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. We will follow up with a phone call to verify your requested pickup and delivery date. Once pickup and delivery are scheduled, we will collect a deposit.

2) We Pick Up Your Vehicle

Schedule your exact pickup date, time and location. You and your driver will conduct a 22-point inspection and sign a Bill of Lading, a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to you, the person consigning the goods. It is used to record any existing external damage before transport as well as any new which happened during transit that is marked at delivery. We will also provide you with a tracking ID that you can use to call at any point to check on the status of your vehicle.

3) You Receive Your Vehicle

We will notify you when your vehicle is almost home. Once delivered, you and the driver will conduct another 22-point inspection to verify that everything looks good. You will sign the Bill of Lading and settle up on the final balance.

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